May 30, 2014



Barbara Dilley is a wonderful dance artist and teacher.  Here is writing by her below:

The question for the improviser then becomes: What is your delight? It has to do with not doing things because you think you should––50 ab curls or looking a certain way for your teacher––but using delight as your touchstone. It’s a turn- ing of the focus inward and allowing that to be the source of movement, without pointing to what you should or shouldn’t find. For me, that investigation has been the richest. I had to give up my habitual patterns of moving and come back to kinesthetic delight.

She also practices the below.

“This is the most important teaching: 

not two, and not one.  

Our body and mind 

are not two and not one.”

from Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi