April 28, 2016

For Maxine Who Lives Next Door


Dear Art Institute of Marigold Lane,

Is this for real?  The inter subjectivity of the aforementioned praxis (brought to my attention by Monica M.) begs the question: Is a pomelo really a pomelo?  Or rather: Does a parrot and a pirate have the same capacity for language?

If neither of the above questions get to it, certainly in research driven methodology where the process and the site interdigitate or rather creates a nexus of engagement becoming the “expression” itself,  we re:consider fully all our notions of making — making room, making love, making marks, making soup, making materiality, that sometimes but not always resides in the ephemeral.  The gift object, or perhaps a divination, is explicit or subterraneous.

A class on the disruption/emergence is taking place in New Brunswhim, NJ shortly with friends. We are co-opting this “this” and re: configuring it.  Re-examing friendship as dynamic workshipping.  With multiple people steering the ship or in some cases styling it.