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Topf Technique/Dynamic Anatomy

Online Summer Class July/August 2021 Thursday 1-2:15 (EST) Suggested donation $5 


Participants work slowly and deeply to find new ways to enter and inhabit their bodies. This introductory class empowers a person’s facility and addresses the body’s change over time.  It incorporates the direct observation of skeletal forms and their accompanying sensations. As the process unfolds, participants experience increased range of movement, creative expression and dynamics.  Research selected anatomical information while improvising, enliven every day movement, and cultivate injury prevention and recovery.  Each class involves theory, and the application of principles and images. Class includes deep stretching, developmental movements (rolling, crawling, reaching), spiral forms and spinal circles. Developed by Nancy Topf, a pioneer of release and alignment work in New York, this technique stems from the ideokinetic tradition established by Mabel Todd (The Thinking Body, 1937).



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