Bodywork  (1 hour)

This bodywork session is for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of the body.  By applying hands-on guidance, information about the body’s skeletal structure will be communicated.  Through gentle touch and close attention, one’s own capacity for self healing is activated. Pain and imbalance shifts into curiosity and ease, and rigid muscular patterns disappear. Anatomical theory, alignment analysis, and specific exercises to work with at home are given to support this bodywork process. These sessions address the specific needs of each individual.

Movement  (1 hour)

These movement sessions offer a space to explore physical sensation, movement desires, thoughts, and feelings that spontaneously arise. To be seen while moving greatly benefits understanding and self awareness.  Being with “what is” is a practice for life & Art,  promoting the groundwork for nourishment of the self and personal growth.  Sitting meditation practice, writing and dialogue will help to further aid discovery and integration. These sessions are gently guided and constructed according to both the individual’s needs and curiosities.