May 29, 2014

Writing in Rehearsal

I asked the dancers I was working with to keep a journal and to write on the rehearsal process we were undertaking together.  Sometimes  the writing was open ended, whatever arose.   At other times I asked a particular question.  The writing below is from Kristin Swiat.


This place already feels like a sanctuary. Processes are always rushed, but here, we don’t rush the slowness and we don’t skip the details of who someone is inside of their dancer body. Think and talk and share and then get out of the head, let the energy pass downwards, into the heart and lungs.  It is so hard to let the thoughts go, but let them go we must.  A quake has a warning, a tremor.  When I go from stillness to movement, I can feel already in my minds eye where I want to go- but do something other than that.  The new sensation of my psoas muscle, any resistance to exploration that I have felt in other times (in other projects) is totally gone.  But I can see my habits: forced arch foot, pivot around it.

Group synthesis, enough time passes that we begin to have collective memories, some which we will one day have to remind each other of. Using less effort for simple restorative movements like circling of head on cervical spine, then thoracic, then lumbar.  finding limitations in the body, small injuries, working through them, though they are scary.

You can get everything you need in the body right here, right now.  Deep visceral belly dance to warmup, move organs.  Move bones, but let the dance that is already there come out, don’t try to make it.