January 31, 2022

Winter Topf Technique Workshop

Spine, Central Axis and Psoas Workshop

Jaime Ortega and I are teaching together online.

The Dynamic Anatomy® workshops offer an in-depth and concentrated study of the specific anatomical concepts fundamental to Topf Technique®. We will explore how the body organizes around the central axis, a line passing through the center of the body conveying gravity’s force.  We will bring awareness to the psoas muscle, and investigate its location, shape, direction and function. We will use imagery, deep stretches, and movement exploration. Participants experience the material in a longer format, enhancing the learning process. We also use drawing and discussion to incorporate the information into each individuals life process. This workshop can be taken to help fulfill the requirements for certification in the Topf Technique through the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association.

The TOPF Technique was developed by Nancy Topf (1942-1998), a pioneer of release and alignment work. It stems from the ideokinetic tradition established by Mabel Todd (The Thinking Body, 1937).

When:  Saturday and Sunday  February 12th and 13th   12-3pm  (EST)  online via zoom  $65 .

Come join us, everyone is welcome.  Would you like to participate?

Questions and to register:  topfinfo@gmail.com